Saturday, December 08, 2007

Off to OZ.....

My new entry at Painting Potluck, this week is OZ themed, so I had to draw Dorthy. Yeah I'm a massive geek who's read the books, what of it! As much as I love Judy Garland, she's just too much a damsel in distress. Why do they do that to girls in movies? It SUCKS. Anyways, Dorthy is suppose to be considerably tougher (she grew up in Kansas for crying out loud - have you seen the size of the flies there? Freak'n HUGE), not to mention somewhat more clever.

I really tried to avoid Enrique Frenadez's excellent "Wizard of Oz" comic in my design.
This time I did clean-up traditionally and.....well it kinda sucks......something was lost from the original sketch. Damn it. If I have time this week, maybe I'll try to do a digital clean-up for some more practice.

Yeah.....I just had to start sketching ideas for a vaguely pin-up version of Glenda, the Good Witch of the North (which is all WRONG in the movies! - she's two characters damn it! - Still iconic though).