Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Phoenix - Jean Grey

Hey I finished something! .....well, again, sort of. I finished an experiment. I started this as part of one of many ways I was trying to do all these avatars I'm doing for a website......AND it was just an excuse to do a hot comic book character.....and I am a SUCKER for redheads. Clean-Up wasn't nearly as painful this time - although I did start from a physical sketch - not from my computer on this one. It's not exactly what I had hoped - but not bad.........not that good either though...........
AND of course I couldn't just do ONE sketch - I had to do TWO. This time I tried doing a more 'realistic comic book' style - I even inked it with a bush......and it wasn't awful......but it still SUCKED. At any rate it was a nice change. Once I'm done with all these avatars and a few other things - it's back to do some storyboards that I've been thumbnailing out here and there.....

On a side note: I did TRY and model both of these drawings on 'cosplay' favorite Ruby Rocket - who I see every year at Comic-Con - before I get trampled by drooling fan boys....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ecorche - Legs and Hips....

Having lost my full body ecorche model that I made at the Academy with Stephen Perkins in the Fires of 07, I've been lucky enough to find another course here in the rather bare San Diego County at Studio 2nd Street. This round the course focused on the legs and hips. At some time (in the fabled future) on my own I'm going to try building another full human body. At this time the sculpture is missing the tendons around the knees and some other details for the feet....which I'll get to ......someday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back at the Pin-Up Board.....

For this post I thought I'd pull out my experiments. This is the stuff I'm working on when I should be working on other "more important", of course, it's a bunch of pin-ups.
As I have been racking my head with my trouble with clean-up, I thought I'd try a different approach and try a loose, more sketch like, clean-up. Still a work in progress, but so far it's been more pleasing than other tries.
On this girl I wanted to go in a more graphic style.....but that got a little lost in the end. I've used this girl's design numerous times, trying her out in different styles as I find them or think them up. Next up for this one is going to be putting her though vector. Vector drawing is another one of those things that I want and probably should master.....but oh how I HATE that damn pen tool and vector tools in general....going to be pulling my hair out on this....
Last, I have once again gone back to my Ms. Havok design. I just felt it could be stronger in design. I'm also still searching for that ever allusive 'finished' look, and it seemed to me that using Ms. Havok would work - allowing me a chance to try out a few processes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

@ the Donut Diner....

Well kids, at long last I've started back at working on my old comic strips .....from a near decade ago. While the writing has not improved (and I doubt many have anything near my strange black sense of humor), at least the drawings have come a long ways....and yet I'm still trying to find that right look for a true finish. Do I keep it "sketchy" or more of the slick clean-up look? 

I spent forever it seems on 'pushing' the pose, especially for Joe (for the Chainsaw Maniac I did less - as I wanted a more deadpan look).....but honestly I think it could have gone further. There's also a damn tangent with Joe's thumb in the last panel - son of a bitch!

Oh time.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pain-In-The-Ass X-Mas Pic.....

I swear this has been the biggest pain-in-the-ass of late.....DAMN IT! It still doesn't look quiet right to me. I've tried walking away, take a break from it, work on something else AND still it has been nothing but a testing for a storyboard job all over again. 

I like digital, it allows for so much more editing.....but goddamn it, I can't for the life of me get a good finish out of it yet. Not that I could get a really great finish though traditional medium either........son of a bitch. Now I've got a headache AGAIN......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Character Design Ideas for 1950s Girl....

I've been working on a walk cycle of a little girl (which I will finish someday and post here), and I've been thinking over doing another one that's been more planned out (as the one I'm on now is kinda being done off-the-cuff so to speak). I did a page of various ideas for a 1950s girl....I'm not totally fixed on any of these girls at the moment....just thinking it though. 

SO.....if anyone out there has something to say - let me know!

Monday, November 24, 2008

RETURN to the Donut Diner....

Lately I've been spending a lot of time sculpting ......cause I got nothing. But then I realized that I had a bunch of sketches and such that I haven't loaded up.....soooooooooooo - here it is: the RETURN to the Donut Diner, my imaginary home away from home. Most of my life it feels as though I've been sitting in this Diner drinking black coffee til two or three in the morning.... eventually something is going to happen - hopefully.....

At some point I'm going to get this pic painted......

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lara and Frankenstein

I did a digital Lara Croft sketch since the new game is coming out - which is rather stupid cause I don't think I've ever played any of the games and I thought the movies were weak. I've probably said this before but Lara is not the best female "Indy" - more superhero than beaten up serial cliffhanger character. 

Another pic that I started for an "Illustration Fridays" submission, but just ran out of time. I might finish this up later.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yep Another Halloween Pic.....

Okay, yeah I know, ANOTHER Halloween sketch/pic. I have an excuse - this damn sketch of Scheckey and Maribelle has been sitting around for a LONG time, and I just wanted the damn thing done. Now it is. Tried out a lot of new ideas to color it - still not the greatest at digital clean-up, or color'll get there ......some day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Halloween Sketch......

I wish I had some.....right now.....but I'm too lazy to get in the car, go down to CVS, walk in, look around, find a bag, pay for it, go back out to the car, and drive back to the house......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Digital Costume Carnival

I realized I wasn't going to be at the Halloween Costume Carnival this year! Bummer.....Wonder who they are going to get to bribe students with cookies and pizza to help set it up this year?

I did this while flipping though a bunch of costume ads in the Sunday paper.....need to do that more often, always find some interesting faces to draw......its that or you know, actually go interact with people......lousy rotten people.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ms. Maribelle Lorelei Noble

Since I lost all of my maquettes I had built to the fires in 07, I've been slowly working to re-build them. Sculpting is a nice break from drawing - especially after doing the mathematics like turnarounds, or perspective heavy layouts. I started working on Maribelle back at the beginning of July and have been working slowly on her for months now. You don't even want to know how time the eyes took.....Perhaps in another month or two I'll actually baker her and be done!

Whoa! I didn't realize - but this is Post 100! I win a prize?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Layouts in the Works....

Time for some layout sketches kids! well.....sketches that I should have finished a long time ago, but I've been consumed with finishing a storyboard portfolio...and other crap.
I started working on a revised sketch of my home-away-from-home: the Donut Diner (heck it's where this blog takes place). There is a lot (a whole of a lot of work) to do here such as the type, some adjustments to the buildings.....etc. There's always something....
These thumbnails were for a Barber Shop layout that I never finished......well started, to be accurate. I'm thinking I'm going to do the long straight pan down, but it might also be the biggest pain of them all to do (damn mirror in the background).

Overall I'm thinking I need to expand my drawings, try for more simple flat graphic shaped background.....should go watch the Power Puff Girls movie for some ideas.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Storyboards: The Thieves in the Catacombs - Revised

This has been a week of finishing up stuff and revising.....lots of revising. Here are some revised storyboards from an old project, in fact this the third or fourth full redo/revising of these boards.....and this is only the last part of the story. The story is from my Roman Legion project, and I've been slowly (very slowly) revisiting it all........Course this is nothing compared to some of my other storyboards, some of which I've revised nearly ten times.....and then there is the hell that is a battle sequence of Legionaries and Barbarians......that's just too much at the moment.

Lately I'm pushing for simpler shorter stories. What I need is more character driven ideas that will work in short stories and avoid epics. 

Monday, October 06, 2008

Storyboards: Bookstore Days - Based on Real Life

Hi Kids! Been rebuilding the portfolio (again), working on creating some new storyboards. This was an experience I had in my B&N days......and is ONE of the MANY reasons I HATE and LOATHE the elderly......Although in real life the old goat DID hit me with her cane and her handbag.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stuff from a while ago.....

Hi there again Kids. Time to unload a bunch of sketches done a while much crap on this computer eating up space.

Miss Alice Lidell from B's Alice series . I always enjoy taking a break from my own characters and ideas, and trying out someone elses stuff. 
Ah Point-less Girl with GUNS. This was another re-visit sketch from a while ago... still not right, feel like the pose should be exaggerated more.
Molly - just another Victorian Girl. I had this idea sitting in an old sketchbook and again I wanted to re-visit the idea. Actually in this case do a finished sketch.
Been doing a lot of trips to the SD Zoo this year (got a membership that I got to use). This was done off of some sketches done during a weekend trip with Joe Weatherly when he visited Studio 2nd Street. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Digital Anita Studies....

Not the best drawings by far, but it was a fun break from the regular norm, especially after testing for Nick. Still getting a feel for digital sketching and Anita from 101 Dalmatians is always good practice. I started with a few poses from stills, and then made up the rest - trying my best to stay on model to the character. The trouble, besides not being on model, is that I feel I still kill all the life in the figure.....I guess only more life drawing is going to help that.

Late Night Digital Sketches....

I thought I was going to take a break,  but after getting back, I started sketching....again.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Late Night Sketch - Featuring Ms. Hayworth!

I finally took some time to fool around with all the brush presets and built my own pencil for Photoshop. Really wish I had done that sooner...... Everything just got a lot easier......Although I think Clean-Up will still be a pain.....One of these days I'll figure out how to use that DAMN Pen tool in Illustrator.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something FINISHED????? - um....sort of

Since I've been utterly depressed by that damn test, I decided to do something else for a bit....CLEAN UP work!!! - which is normally depressing in of itself, but this time it seemed to work out for me. 

So after revising this sketch about three times from the earlier version, I actually got this one done. I still left the original sketch in - seems to help keep it "alive". 

Well one sketch of Mr. Scheckey and Ms. Maribelle Noble is I just have to finish the rest of them. 

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Layout Leftovers....and Disgruntled Ranting

Just about a year ago I started this layout back at the Academy. After, yet another portfolio review of getting told I don't know what I'm doing (which is true), I had to finish it. 

More and more though, I'm honestly thinking of just giving up on it all. The more I interact with the Animation Industry the more I find I don't get it. No matter what I can't seem to pass these damn test, or have fun doing them.....which leads me to think that I really don't want this for a job. 

So another year for horrible revelations. I hate caricatures and the business of them, and NOW I thoroughly hate the work of the Animation Industry...... Looks like it's back to B&N for me.

Almost Forgot!!! - More of Ms. Hayworth....

When I get frustrated I draw pin-up girls.....Case in point with Ms. Hayworth (yeah, I finally gave her a name). Despite being a rejected design for a film noir project, I just have too much fun drawing her. 

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Quick Digital Warm Up Sketch....

Digital sketching....still getting used to god damn irritating......

Thursday, September 04, 2008

All Digital Sketch.....ehhhhh....

I've spent the last week working on a storyboard test......and I'm FRUSTRATED TO ALL HELL with the damn thing. 

SO I had to get as far away from the damn thing as possible....which has not been easy. Just constantly doubting if I can make it all in animation. SO......I wanted to do an all digital sketch, no scan paper drawing to work from. Went easy on myself and did a sketch of Maribelle. Turned out all right....not thrilled with it, but it's "okay". 

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Massive Daring Monkey Post!!!

I've been working a lot on revising Scheckey and Maribelle's design. Especially in the hands (Hopefully Sherrie would be proud - though I hear the shuffling of tracing paper) and feet - particularly for Scheckey.  My new goal is build some new maquette of them both at the end of September. 

Oh and this pic is for the front of my portfolio. 
This sketch was originally for an Iron Monkey Club Poster - which where I started the two up to begin with. The first version just had so many problems....such as the hands, but it was a well received it had to be revisited.
I've done a LOT of Halloween cards over the years of these two..... probably due to my dislike of X-Mas. I labored over the original with Sherrie (the tracing paper was endless), and it never really worked, some of the mechanics in it were stiff. I suppose I should try and color it for the holidays ....maybe even do a Thanksgiving and X-Mas one too....
This sketch just came to me while doing the one above. That rarely happens, most of the time I struggle....and I go though thumbnail after thumbnail. Not fun. This sketch, though, is not as strong as the first.....but it does remind me of the pumpkin patches back at home - which I suppose was the inspiration in the first place. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Girls and the Guys revisited.....

Both of these pics where images that I meant to revise earlier but just never got around to. Since leaving Blockoland......I actually have time to draw again!.....simply amazing. 

At the moment though, I've given up on coloring's just such a pain. Until I can find a process that I enjoy, I'm not going to bother. Besides, as I've been reminded time and time again, I'm not going to get hired as a painter....I'm better at drawing. 

Roman Legion - Line Up

It figures that after numerous tries while in school, that I would finally get the line up for my Roman Legion done......after I left school. So Damn Typical......

The top line up is of my basic squad of Legionaries and their Centurion. The next line down is the Generals/Legates and the Tribunes. The last line is the various women the Legion comes into contact with.

Still so much to do.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes.....

I've done this drawing a few times and each time it gets better. The first was done way back in 2004 0r 2005....while enduring the misery of B&N and was lost in the fires of 2007. Can't say I'm going to miss it. 

The sketch at the top was done while being a lazy intern at Nickelodeon, in-between donut raids on the production's kitchen. It was far better thanks to the numerous hits in the head I got from various people at the studio and my teacher Sherrie Sinclair. 

The bottom sketch is the new one.....done out frustration of the old one....and certain folks at Nick once again hitting me in the head. Between the two sketches is a little over a year of improvement in drawing.