Monday, January 28, 2008

The Man With NO Personality! Another Painting Potluck Post

Well here it is Kids, another Painting Potluck post. 

Ugh. So much to finish up these days....I have a ton of sketches sitting here that all need to be finished. I think I'm FINALLY getting a handle on digital clean-up and paint, in fact I learned a few new tricks that I've got to try out. 

So here he is, the Man With No Personality! Yes, another survivor from years spent sitting in my sketch book. Some day I'll get to the rest of the Wild West characters I made, and soon hopefully, my portfolio needs it.

Yeah, I couldn't resist doing a Saloon Bounty Hunter Girl. Just a little bit more to go, the Winchester and whip, then the background, a little paint and done. I'm also going to try and color the clean-up line. Hope to have that up soon. 

More post to come soon, I just want to do something with all this crap laying around here. 

Later Kids!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Noir Pin-Up!!!

Hey Kids!!!

Here is a pic I did for fun, and my buddy Graham (and the rest of the fine folks at Academy Noir). I tried to preserve my sketch line in this pic, which is usually my favorite part of a piece not to mention what I think is usually the strength of my work. I might go back later and tinker a bit more....maybe shadow work. The big thing I got to figure out is how to color my black clean-up line. There's got to be a tutorial out there on that.....somewhere. 

Enjoy folks!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sketch Book Stuff....

Lately I've been trying to get back to simply working in my sketchbooks. I've also been trying to work in pen with as little under-drawing as possible. At portfolio reviews art directors always seem to gravitate to my pen drawings rather than the stuff that I put real effort into (why does that happen every freak'n time? - DAMN IT). 

So the other day, while waiting for Dad to get some parts at the Jeep dealer I sketched the cars on the lot.....and for some reason it reminded me of Disneyland..... weird.

It has always been one of my "art" dreams to do a painting of Lincoln (proof of my History Geek status).  Which has lead me to start working on sketches of Lincoln. This one below in pen and marker (Tombow pens).... and who knows some day I might feel foolish enough to get some canvas and new oils (since I lost all my paints) and finish this compulsion. 

Monday, January 21, 2008

Abbey Chase....Librarian! - Another Painting Potluck

Here is another Painting Potluck submission, Abbey Chase (of "Danger Girl" fame) no longer working in the super spy world, but retired to life as a librarian! Yeah I had trouble thinking up something....and I went on auto-pilot with another pin-up. What can I say, I got a one track mind..... And drawing pin-ups is oddly relaxing. GO ON LAUGH IT UP FUNNY BOY! .....*sigh*

I'm still NOT happy with digital clean-up and's a little better, in terms of the work flow, but it is the over all look I'm still feels off. Yeah I know it's a vague way of putting it but that's as far as my thinking has taken

Friday, January 18, 2008

Legion and Sassanian Line Ups

Seeing as I have nothing but all the time in the world, and also since I'm not thrilled with what I was working on today, I'm posting more stuff from the bowels of my hard drive. Here are some line ups I did of my Roman Legion characters, and then their enemies from the Sassanian Empire (that's the successors to ancient Persia, kids). Enjoy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Stuff Off My Hard Drive....

I still have a mess of files on my hard drive from the HUGE mess that was my thesis project. Here are just a few.
Here's another image of Giaus, unfinished but I may yet get back to it. I still intend to build some new model sheets of him and a few other of my Romans.

Here are some quick sketches of the Roman Camp designs from my thesis project.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Finished Something!....well sort of....

Hey there Kids, looks like your ol' pal Scotland, actually finished something! Yep got all the way though clean-up and paint.....and now I'm not so sure of it.....I still haven't really put in thick and thin lines, I'm still just tracing it seems like.....damn it. Oh well, at least it LOOKS done, and I feel like I accomplished if I could just find a job.
Of course, you realizes, now I have to finish some of my other Pin-Up girls sitting in my sketch book. It just never ends does it?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Almost finished.....

As usual, by the time I start cleaning up the image I start thinking of better comps, action, poses that would of been FAR better to get the idea across....Damn it! Just getting this was hard enough, but now I think that the poses of the two Goddesses should have been pushed more....really show Athena's disdain for her popular "village bicycle" of sister goddess, once again, I'm literally going back to the drawing board.....ugh.
Hell. I'm still going to finish this though....I mean, why not? Good clean-up practice.

The Goddesses.....

Damn this sketch took FOREVER.....and it's not that complicated, so I don't know why it's been such a pain. Refining the design of these two was a pain, but I've been thinking about these designs for  a long time. So here is my version of the "odd couple", Aphrodite and Athena.... two goddesses with nothing in common.
Oh and hopefully the finish will be done late tonight for the Painting Potluck.....hopefully.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The "POISONED PIE" Storyboards....

Here are my storyboards of my "POISONED PIE" bit... some people find it funny, others just don't get it.... kinda like the my much disputed "Flying Monkey" comic..... some people just don't get it. Now though it's time to go over my storyboard portfolio and make some new stuff as well.... ugh.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Lost Legion - Part 2(?)

Heck, I keep forgetting to post some of this stuff......I've got to organize this damn hard drive sometime. Here's an early sketch of the Curse Lost Legion.....had trouble just getting into the groove so I borrowed heavy from Mike Mignola.....who else you going to look at for monsters?This was the second sketch on the idea. A bit more "me" this time around.....something to expand upon sometime later.

Wow...Post 50!!!

Post 50 and wouldn't you know it, hey it's a work-in-progress post....damn. So clean-up is still a slow process for me , but I've learned that it helps to have a much more solid sketch to clean-up.....saves so much time. And why another pin-up why not?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh and Santa.....

Been lagging way behind, but moving back down south and getting everything set up took way more time than I thought......and that last week of school took a lot out of me. Anyways here's my VERY late Holiday Card.....unfinished. Guess I'm following in the Grand Barnes Family tradition.....late and unfinished.....damn it.

New Pin-Up!

So I can't help myself, I had to draw a new pin -up. What can I say? I get stressed out , I draw girls....kinds stupid. Oh well.....

FINALLY....A New Year....

New Year!.....but same old crap.....ugh. Another YEAR of mornings....I hate mornings.Going to try to take this to finish (HOPEFULLY).....apparently finding a job takes a lot of TIME. I hate being unemployed.....damn it.