Monday, January 28, 2008

The Man With NO Personality! Another Painting Potluck Post

Well here it is Kids, another Painting Potluck post. 

Ugh. So much to finish up these days....I have a ton of sketches sitting here that all need to be finished. I think I'm FINALLY getting a handle on digital clean-up and paint, in fact I learned a few new tricks that I've got to try out. 

So here he is, the Man With No Personality! Yes, another survivor from years spent sitting in my sketch book. Some day I'll get to the rest of the Wild West characters I made, and soon hopefully, my portfolio needs it.

Yeah, I couldn't resist doing a Saloon Bounty Hunter Girl. Just a little bit more to go, the Winchester and whip, then the background, a little paint and done. I'm also going to try and color the clean-up line. Hope to have that up soon. 

More post to come soon, I just want to do something with all this crap laying around here. 

Later Kids!