Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sketch Book Stuff....

Lately I've been trying to get back to simply working in my sketchbooks. I've also been trying to work in pen with as little under-drawing as possible. At portfolio reviews art directors always seem to gravitate to my pen drawings rather than the stuff that I put real effort into (why does that happen every freak'n time? - DAMN IT). 

So the other day, while waiting for Dad to get some parts at the Jeep dealer I sketched the cars on the lot.....and for some reason it reminded me of Disneyland..... weird.

It has always been one of my "art" dreams to do a painting of Lincoln (proof of my History Geek status).  Which has lead me to start working on sketches of Lincoln. This one below in pen and marker (Tombow pens).... and who knows some day I might feel foolish enough to get some canvas and new oils (since I lost all my paints) and finish this compulsion.