Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Aviation Fighter Patches

Having become hopeless depressed by life, yet again, I've been sketching/redesigning fighter patches. The first two are of the Flying Tiger Squadron from the Pacific Campagin in Burma and China. The Tiger Patch was design by the Walt Disney Studio, but since I can never find decent size reference I did my own version from some fuzy photos I have laying around here.

This one is of the Hell's Angel, 2nd Pursuit Fighter group in the Flying Tigers. Again fuzy photo for reference - and well it being essentially a pin-up, I of course went to town with it. Yeah, drawing pin-ups is what I do when I get depressed......a sure sign of my continued damnation by the Gods.
This last one was just my version of the WASP patch. The WASP was the women's auxiliary corps in WWII. It was a fun one to play with....still debating if I should do this one up as a full pin-up.....