Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Caricatures.....AND they still SUCK!!!

Well, here's a few more.....still not as good as the original sketch. I just need to gain more control over that DAMN MARKETTE PEN. 
Everyone at the Park does the new trilogy (which I'm not against), it's so repetitive. And SCREW those DAMN GERM CARRYING KIDS!!! I want demos that are from MY childhood. Han Solo can kick Anakin's Ass any day of the week, and without a lightsaber too. 
I realized that Incredibles had not been done at the Park....and when you think about it....DUDE, this plays to families, and it's so simple! You just add masks to the folks and done, they are now the Incredibles.......Course once again the sketch was far superior.....and it is a little stupid to do a caricature of cartoon characters...after all they are already a caricature.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Caricatures!.....that SUCK!

Well, after yet another DEPRESSING series of failures, comes yet more CRAP. Like these caricatures. I keep reminding myself that I've really been only seriously trying this stuff for three months now.....but still....
Obi-Wan......I still can't get it to look like Ewan McGregor.....Instead I end up with more style, than actual likeness.....which judging from the Park, is the whole point of the caricatures. Style not substance.
Everyone at the Park does the Pirates of the Caribbean, so I had to try my hand at it....and it blows.....kinda like the third movie (honestly, the battle of "freedom" in that movie was LAME).
So I had to try Marilyn and Bettie.....it just looks weak.
Star Wars characters, a stable theme at the Park. Again not that great......

So why post stuff that sucks? Cause that's what I'm doing these days. Maybe Babs was right..... Well more tests are on their way....maybe I'll be feeling better by then.