Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey! It's Finally Done!!!

Hey there kids!

I've finally put the current portfolio  on-line! Check it out:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pitch Party @ Animation Magazine 2008

Hey there kids!

Well I'm in the Pitch Party for Animation Magazine this year. So here's the deal, follow the link to the various ads that will be appearing in the August issue of Animation Magazine and VOTE! 

Yeah, if you find something cooler than my idea, fine - stab me in the back - everyone else leaves their knives there. Nah, just vote. 

Here is the link:


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sketchbook 2008 - Part II

More Sketchbook pages to posts! 

Revising one of the designs for a pin up girl......
What had started out as a page to work on some sort of older diva, turned into a page for yet another guy with a lot of guns.....lots of guns.
Mermaid Girl! I draw mermaids all day long at Blockoland......and they SUCK, so do most of the ones we have there.....I just couldn't take it anymore, and I had to take my time on this that I should really finish.
Roman Legionnaires!  Another sketch to finish.....
Samurai! Again got to finish.....this was for the Purgatory Sketch Blog....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sketchbook 2008 - Part I

Here are some pages from my sketchbook from this year....actually from most of May. Since most of my work has been sucking.....storyboards getting rejected, still not pleased with my caricatures.

Cell phone girl......started with a face and just kept going.
Coffee Girl! yep, major themes.....
I watched a documentary on crucifixion, really neat stuff! Course the stuff on the Roman methods of punishment was the BEST! So I had to thumbnail a bunch of stuff from the documentary........and I want to do more!
Crusader Girl! One more sketch that I got to finish. Again, I am man of numerous themes.
Feme Fatale for the Crime World post on the Purgatory Sketch Blog...... Again got to finish it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Got A Bad Feeling About This....

Still trying to get caricatures down.....they still SUCK.....but they are a little better. I'm just not thrilled them yet.

I've been meaning to do a double of Han and Chewy, cause I'm tired of the Prequels "owning" the Park...... Unfortunately the pic is just too big to fit in the cheap ass frames at Blockoland. Well, at some point I'll redo it.

Indy has been popular this summer at Blockoland, here's my attempt at demo of just needs more refinement..... it just looks cheap.

I've yet to do any Harry Potter related stuff at I tried my hand at Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)......again.......not quiet what I want yet.

It appears as though I'm in for a miserable summer at Blockoland. What a shit hole. The longer I'm at this job the more and more I have a bad feeling about this job.

Workshop Night.....from last week....

Out of frustration and boredom I'm going back to school (@Studio 2nd Street Here are some sketches from Vanessa Lemen's Workshop night. I did these with watercolor.....which I need more work at, they just lack well everything........

The second page from that night. The thumbnails are much better than my larger work.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Another really, REALLY LATE Painting Potluck post.....son of bitch! Anyways kids, this one is straight from the sketch book. Been trying to get back to just sketching, and markers. May was one very, very crappy month...... except for a few days back in SF.....wish I hadn't been sick, would of been more fun.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh the People I Know......

Okay, so after a SOLID MONTH of life sucking (that goddamn cold, the hacking cough from hell, family crap, insurance crap, work crap, traffic crap, and the rest of life's unmitigated crap festival), things are finally getting back on track..... and it's about fucking time.

Some day I'm going to get this damn Markette pen to do what I want, and to practice I thought I'd try drawing the people I know....starting with my ol' pals from SF. 

This is Graham (, one of the many gangly freaks and one of the best animators I know. The pace Graham keeps improving his drawings is always amazing.....which makes him a jerk.  His caricature started out good.......and then I had to fuck up (yes, that's a technical term, kids) on his hands (god fucking damn it!). I can hear Babs now, "what were you thinking? Were you thinking?" .... So those hands will not be appearing ..... cause they SUCK. Figures I'd screw up on Graham......

Hanna! ( Oh that crazy kid from Lebanon, dreaming about becoming the next Milt Kahl (it won't work - Hanna is way too nice). Hanna is perhaps one of the easiest people to draw, big nose, glasses, throw in the pony tail, and man you got all the ingredients for a caricature.....and AGAIN gangly animator..... the Best animator I know, except when it comes to 1950s diners, that's my turf! Hanna never does the research, the research, the research..... 

The infamous Icy Hot, Sabrina (a.k.a the Phoenix) ( .......always there to smack some postive thinking into my thick skull (it hasn't worked). Another animator from SF who's improving all the time (it's sickening really), and one of the few women who braved the male-geek dominated land that was the 2D lab at Powell. Applaud her folks, she deserves it! .....after all she's dating Graham......

Trung! ( The T-Bone, the Asian Grandmaster of the Cintqui, Mr. Gator-Fan (uh that means he's a freak from Florida), and Lord High of 2D Digital Animation. When not animating Trung likes long walks on the beaches, holding hands, saying sweet know, the kind of crap that gets a restraining order......

The ever lovely Rosie (, except when she argues with me.........which seems to be all the time. Aside from being one of the most SICKENING talented people I know, she is one of the funniest people to tease.....cause it takes a good 3 to 5 seconds for to realize that I just made fun of her. Yah, I'm going to burn in hell........what of it?