Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Got A Bad Feeling About This....

Still trying to get caricatures down.....they still SUCK.....but they are a little better. I'm just not thrilled them yet.

I've been meaning to do a double of Han and Chewy, cause I'm tired of the Prequels "owning" the Park...... Unfortunately the pic is just too big to fit in the cheap ass frames at Blockoland. Well, at some point I'll redo it.

Indy has been popular this summer at Blockoland, here's my attempt at demo of just needs more refinement..... it just looks cheap.

I've yet to do any Harry Potter related stuff at I tried my hand at Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)......again.......not quiet what I want yet.

It appears as though I'm in for a miserable summer at Blockoland. What a shit hole. The longer I'm at this job the more and more I have a bad feeling about this job.