Saturday, August 30, 2008

Massive Daring Monkey Post!!!

I've been working a lot on revising Scheckey and Maribelle's design. Especially in the hands (Hopefully Sherrie would be proud - though I hear the shuffling of tracing paper) and feet - particularly for Scheckey.  My new goal is build some new maquette of them both at the end of September. 

Oh and this pic is for the front of my portfolio. 
This sketch was originally for an Iron Monkey Club Poster - which where I started the two up to begin with. The first version just had so many problems....such as the hands, but it was a well received it had to be revisited.
I've done a LOT of Halloween cards over the years of these two..... probably due to my dislike of X-Mas. I labored over the original with Sherrie (the tracing paper was endless), and it never really worked, some of the mechanics in it were stiff. I suppose I should try and color it for the holidays ....maybe even do a Thanksgiving and X-Mas one too....
This sketch just came to me while doing the one above. That rarely happens, most of the time I struggle....and I go though thumbnail after thumbnail. Not fun. This sketch, though, is not as strong as the first.....but it does remind me of the pumpkin patches back at home - which I suppose was the inspiration in the first place.