Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stuff from a while ago.....

Hi there again Kids. Time to unload a bunch of sketches done a while much crap on this computer eating up space.

Miss Alice Lidell from B's Alice series . I always enjoy taking a break from my own characters and ideas, and trying out someone elses stuff. 
Ah Point-less Girl with GUNS. This was another re-visit sketch from a while ago... still not right, feel like the pose should be exaggerated more.
Molly - just another Victorian Girl. I had this idea sitting in an old sketchbook and again I wanted to re-visit the idea. Actually in this case do a finished sketch.
Been doing a lot of trips to the SD Zoo this year (got a membership that I got to use). This was done off of some sketches done during a weekend trip with Joe Weatherly when he visited Studio 2nd Street.