Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stretching Out the Drawing Skills

I'm often told that I need to stretch my drawing skills and I often do try various styles, but most of the time I do go towards my favored leanings (I still wouldn't say I have a style of my own yet). The funny thing is that when I do show my work to professionals - I still get a lot of confusing remarks - some will say I'm too "Disney" - others say I'm clearly "cartoony"(suggesting that I'm more Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network). 

So here I thought I'd try to study as much as possible from "Kung Fu Panda". The irritating thing is trying to use 3D models as reference, I wish I could get some reference of the 2D opening sequence....that was awesome. 
Bessie from "the Might B!" is pretty far away from me in terms of skills - "Sponge Bob" is even further. The one unifying crit I get all the time is my weakness in the squash and stretch department - and it seems no matter what I just can't get it.