Friday, December 24, 2010

Various Painting Excerises....

 Lately I've had a bit more time to experiment in Photoshop - creating various palette knife brushes. I've a series of "other" paintings that I'm still working with - they are longer experiments. In the interest of sanity I'm trying some pics that are of lower size. Hopefully that will keep me from trying too many "epic" pictures.
I dug around the hard drive for some old pin-up girls - ones that I never posted - usually cause they never really worked out. After finding this one - I re-did the sketch (it could still be re-fined for a true finish) - it gave me a chance to try out the watercolor brushes that I've been tinkering with. Just to add trouble I also placed in a paper texture from Photoshops textures. Painter still seems to do a better job for that "watercolor" look - but Photoshop has an interesting slant on it still.