Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Storyboard Revisions: An old "El Tigre" Test...

Several years ago I was once a "fancy-pants-intern" (really, that's the title they give you) at Nickelodeon on the "Mighty B!". Aside from steal donuts from various production kitchens - I asked for storyboard revisionist test at each show (then I stole more donuts).

Since then I've really been working on a lot of fundamentals - so much that I never really mastered in school - and even now it seems like the painful lessons just keep coming (don't even ask me about color).

For a while now I've been meaning to revise a lot of old test material. In-between all my other stuff, I've been re-working my old test (that whole strategy of work on something else so you don't get bored with the stuff you're suppose to be doing). One thing that has really changed - working digitally. When I first did this test - I used post-it notes and a light box. Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro and Storyboard Pro make a world of difference - ESPECIALLY WITH ALL THOSE FREAK'N SMALL PANELS! - Trying to keep characters in scale at such a small size would drive me not so much.

By now all the shows have aired - so I doubt MTV/Viacom (which own Nickelodeon) will show up and break my knees and fingers if I post these now.

Then again - maybe they will show up....