Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Week 3

Out of frustration - I sketched Sleeping Beauty during the break in class.

This was best sketch of the day - the figure was about 2-3minutes - the rest took about 2 more minutes.
You ever get one of those models you just can't stand? That was this week. I know it's a morning class but that's no reason for the model to show up and YAWN during every pose. And I know modeling isn't easy - but yawning, and disappearing to go check your email over and over - is just unprofessional. At first we were drawing the guy as a bee - and various bee "themes". Some of those sketches were "okay". It was easier, for me, to just completely change his sex and then some better sketches started coming out.

During his one his pro-longed absences I started and finished a sketch of Sleeping Beauty. I find keeping some model sheets with me in class as helpful. If I ever get stuck on a story idea - I can use the provided character - and trying to get a rough sketch as close to model in 2-3 minutes can be really challenging. Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty has got to be one of the most challenging Disney Princess to tackle - there's a lot of poor imitations out there. Briar Rose is full of these sharp lines and angles that are smoothed out with graceful curves - that's what a lot of people seem to always miss. I think I did alright, but I'm not exactly ready to go out and knock out Marc Davis.