Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giant Moleskin Sketchbook Post! - Part 1

The first page!

A strange second page!


Official intro page - with Girls!

More Girls (please note the various themes) - with "other" stuff.

WAY back in my ol' CSULB days I had done an illustration project for Mark Twain's "The Innocents Abroad" - in the end it all burned in the fires of 2007. Here I started re-sketch/re-visiting the ideas.

Point-less Hot Chick.

Two page spread of Girls...again, wide variety of thematic ideas at work.

Various sketches for Scheckey and Maribelle for a new "Daring Monkey Adventure" comic book.

Another two page spread - it got a little clipped.

Maribelle has changed a lot over the years - and so I constantly work at improving her model.

A friend showed me some old Jim Lee X-Men cards - which just lead me to try the scene myself.

The rest of the old 90s era X-Men - the old Blue and Gold Team days...comics were weird back then too.

A friend of mine (Adam Knight) posted a pin-up of a cowgirl - so naturally I had to try myself, because I clearly do not draw enough Girls.
This has been a long time coming - and it's a mess, but what sketchbook isn't? Every year or so, I get one of those Giant Moleskin sketchbooks. Why? I like to draw big - and it can be used as a shield or offensive weapon in the street.

I tend to use the Giant Moleskin sketchbook differently from my regular sketchbooks. With these sketchbooks it's easier to use them for almost near illustrations - rather than say quick studies, plus they last a little longer than my spiral bound books - so longer drawings, with various markers isn't impossible.

At some point (in the distant future where humanity has been taken over by Apes...) I'll get around to finishing some of these up - such as what I did with my Centurion Corbulo...Just one day at a time...