Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Week 6?...uh yeah, Week 6.

Mega-Upload! ....This is what happens when you get slammed with a ton of work...and I was really picky on what to put up here. Lots of sketch'n....and I have some four portfolios I got to finish and send off soon. Damn deadlines.

During one of the models breaks I did a quick sketch with a China Marker - later I threw it into Photoshop. She's one a character design I'm working on for a Film Noir Project....some day I'll put the boards up for it.
China Markers RULE.
At one point we were using model sheets of the little girl from the Pixar short "One Man Band".
I find Angie and one other model here at the Academy to be the most challenging to draw. They have really unique faces. During every Costume Carnival I try, in vain, to get a good sketch of Angie's face - but it always falls short from my expectations.
Aside from Matt - Angie is probably one of the most dynamic models I've worked with.
Yeah - Angie held this for TWO MINUTES. I would have passed out.

The above set is all of one of the best models here at the Academy - Angie. How she or Matt can take and hold these dynamic poses - especially when Angie does some of these martial art moves - blows me away. I suppose they have gym memberships...

Took the below sketch to a light box - did a quick re-sketch - and then dropped it into Photoshop.
The original, in class, sketch - done with brush pens in about 3 minutes.
Connie as a street girl in Paris.

This next set is of Connie - one of the more imaginative models here at the Academy. She has a lot interesting and suggestive ideas....She often plays characters that are much younger than she is. I'll have to dig though the set some more - there are plenty of great poses of her that are closer to her real age - but I end up with a lot of young gal poses it seems.
At the beginning of class I try to always have a model sheet to do some warm-up sketches from. This week it was Tinkerbell.
Here, once again, I took a sketch and revised it in Photoshop.
This was the first sketch - above is my second pass at the pose.

Same idea here - the one just above was the first sketch - then the second pass.

Mr. Magoo as a Men-in-Black agent.

For a bit we were drawing the model as a bee.
One of the better story ideas of the day.
Indiana Jones as a bee. At the suggestion of a student - the model went to get a whip from the prop room. Somehow it took him 15 mins to get it when its only a 5 min walk.
Later on, I think I mentioned this in a previous post, I got frustrated with the model - so I changed his sex to distance myself from him.
Took two sketch to the light box.
Then Photoshop!