Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping Busy With a Tom Oreb Study/Experiment: Briar Rose

Spent most of my day keeping busy with a study/experiment that I've been wanting to do. I've always been curious to try painting someone else's sketches (I figure then, I could focus on the painting...instead of my normal OCD habit of going over and over the drawing). Since I spent part of last semester at work studying Tom Oreb - it seemed like a good place to try it out.

Painting Maribelle

It's been some very crappy couple of weeks as of late - but at least things are getting better....sort of. Took another old sketch of Maribelle (yeah, there's a lot of them....don't ask), re-did the sketch, then took a lot of recent advice on painting (tips, tricks and techiniques, etc - you know, don't be a dumbass) and applied it. Think it came out pretty good...three months from now, I'll probably be asking "what the hell was I thinking?"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up....Gesture Drawings from Weeks 7 to...wait, What day is it?

I remember looking down at my calendar in March and somehow it's now May...the middle of May.... yeeeeeaaaasssssshhhhhh. Attempting to catch up...so here's a bunch of Gesture Drawings! Yah! Okay - what else am I behind on? ....Oh yeah, everything....