Thursday, July 07, 2011

Story Beats for Act 1 of Indiana Jones and the Re-Write of Doom...

A friend of mine recently gave me an interesting challenge after reading Brian McDonald's Invisible Ink (check out the blog: As some know - I was among many people who had a lot of problems with "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". 

The challenge was this - in 20 beat boards - redo the first act (for which I re-read McDonald's really interesting post on "Castaway": That's pretty much from the start of the film to when Indy typically boards a Pan Am plane and is off on the adventure.

Unlike most people though - I thought there was a lot working in "Crystal Skull" - EXCEPT one big thing and I'm not talking about the Nuked Fridged (though that was lame). My problem was that Indy was forced into this adventure - unlike the previous films he didn't choose to go on this adventure. The situation forced him to go.

In "Temple of Doom" - which is a prequel - Indy goes for the Shakra Stones because of "fortune and glory" (aka greed). In "Raiders" - pretty much greed - this where "Treasures of the Sierra Madre" plays an influence. In both of those films Indy learns the power those artifacts really have and comes away less greedy than Mola Ram or Belloq. In "Last Crusade" - Indy is older and wiser - and at first not all interested in going after the Holy Grail. That's his father's bag. Once he learns it's his father though that is missing - the quest is not about the Grail at all.

When we get to "Crystal Skull"- Indy is going on the adventure because he's been fired from his university, and the KGB are after him to translate a letter written by an old friend of his. We never get a moment to see Indy have any real feelings for Harold Oxley - just told that they went to university together. We never see any regret, which you did see Indy had for his father in "Last Crusade".

I know, I know - crazy film-geek-fanboy bullshit talk - but you got to let it out every once and a while. And of course, there are going to be a ton of people who have a problem with my ideas - but hey, I didn't make "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - so in the end, not my problem.

However - don't get me started on the Prequels...

And yes, Post-It Notes ROCK.