Saturday, July 23, 2011

Story Beats for Act 1 of Indiana Jones and the Re-Write of Doom...Part 2

Opening with hot-rod race.

Bobby-soxer wearing Indy's jacket begs for a race.

The race! - I need to re-do the shot (see post-it note) to make it more dynamic.

Race ends - and the kids end up at the Atomic Cafe. The Girl wearing Indy's jacket makes a phone call.

Girl wearing Indy's jacket on the pay-phone holding a photo. Black car approaches.

Mysterious Stranger (A general) appears with a suit-case!

Indy is still surrounded at Area 51.

Indy gets out of the car - I always liked that shot from the film

Indy and Mac are still captured.

Mac still betrays Indy.

Indy escapes!

Crazy rocket-sled fight. Bad drawing...

Rocket-sled out! Pens are dying!

Indy in the "Bomb" town - new pens!

Sirens go off. No good will come of this.

Indy gets held up again!

But it turns out to be the Girl from earlier in disguise as a soldier.

Indy and the kids race the Russians out of the "Bomb" town.

Russians loses the race!


Our Mysterious Stranger shows up again - General Ross and get Indy and the kids out of the FBI's hands.

A VERY BAD drawing of Indy teaching and getting interrupted.

Indy gets fired. Mutt (one of the kids) gets a stranger letter in the BG.

Indy and his Grad student, Natalie, find the FBI confiscating Indy's office. Fertility Idol on desk.

Natalie convince Indy to escape work one last time.

Mutt waiting outside with his strange letters.

At the diner...

Indy goes over legend of the Crystal Skull - and how Percy Fawcett went looking for the Lost City of Z.

KGB shows up to ruin things.

The Chase! Natalie gets kidnapped with half the letter/map to the Crystal Skull, despite Indy and Mutt's efforts.

Indy and Mutt leave heading to find Natalie and the sender of the strange letters.

Indy looks over his photo of when he first met Natalie, a survivor of the Nazi death camps.
Okay - Part 2. After talking over more story beat ideas with my friend, I went back to work - drawing them bigger and really trying to make each shot about the character's relationships with each other. Rarely do I get this storyboards, let alone beats, in the first pass - and in fact, this is about the 3rd revision I've done on these beats.

Naturally, a fourth and fifth revision is going to happen...I'm going to need some new pens...a lot of pens....