Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween 2011!!! - Halloween of Past Years


I've had this in the works again, on and off for a month...

October always causes some reflection for me - as it was back in October 2007 that everything got turned around with the fires. Now four years later - there are times when I still feel off, to suddenly have almost no past that you can point to. While it is true that the thing you own ended up owning you - they also place you. Without stuff/things you are almost lacking context. As much as we scoff at materialism - it's different when most of it disappears. One way of dealing for me has been to try and dig up what I still have - for the most part off my computer.

Amazingly - here's a pic from pre-2007, which is rare. At that time - Scheckey (the monkey) wasn't really a firm idea then - I had been thinking of having numerous monkeys. In the end, one monkey made the cut.

At any rate, Happy Halloween folks!