Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Baby: Klum, Kitt and the Holidays....

You can blame Heidi Klumm and Eartha Kitt for this pic....

X-Mas 2012: ...The Gift of Credit...

Sure I'm a day late - but it's been one hell of "end of the year" closing. Wrapping up teaching, flight cancel, flight delays, and spending a whole night in an airport - and that's just to get across state...and I didn't even do that much holiday shopping...

Not the best painting - trying to get my energy back....Hopefully back to full energy before Spring semester starts or I get hit by freelance again...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Return of the Femme Fatale....

Another - VERY BUSY - semester of teaching is nearly over...meaning that it's finally time to get back my own projects...unless I get hit with freelance again....

Dusting off the ol' Film Noir stuff...

Grace Kelly-ish Interlude...

Weird...A few weeks ago - blogger said that I didn't have space left to upload any more images....

Anyways - Grace Kelly-ish demo from my Photoshop class...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Hurst"-esque Pin-Up: End of the Year Stress Out...

Ugh....The End of the Year Madness is here - and over all I'm handling it...but I could use a drink. Or maybe a nap.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Film Noir: Femme Fatale...Dames to Kill For...

HEY! Another post! Since the first one felt so good - might as well post another! Once everything quiets down again - I'll be able to get back to my film noir project - which has been dragging on forever....but yeah, bills, jobs, teaching...etc.

Up top - my film noir dame. This sketch more in line with my story sketches of recent. And while she's based more on Jane Geer, I also borrowed from Rita Hayworth - sketched below.

"Horror Express" Pin-Up....

Been too busy some point I took a break from things and did this sketch from the actress in "Horror Express"....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tinkerbelle Coloring Book Demo: that Ryan Wood "thing"

Been a while since I posted anything - apparently I've been busy yelling at students (aka teaching).

For extra-credit I usually assign to paint a coloring book page in Photoshop - since most of my students have yet to develop strong drawing skills. I borrowed the idea from Ryan Wood's blog:

For this semester I've been working on Tinkerbelle - I had started another of's around here somewhere. Perhaps by the end of the semester I'll finish it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rita Hayworth and CS6 Brushes...

Upgraded to CS6 since I'm back to Professional Yelling (aka teaching) - and I had to try out all the new brushes. The new pencil, with the erodible point - draws like BUTTER.

This was an excuse to draw Rita Hayworth.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pin-Up Girl Face Sketch: Yet another Stress Relief Sketch

Tons of work as of late - teaching, freelance, etc. Did this to blow off some steam in 15 min. - from a couple of images I pulled from on-line.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Late Night Insomnia Sketch: The War

Switching gears a bit - after a lot of pin-up girls. The last month I've been going back and forth between Ken Burns' documentaries and episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" - yeah, it's a little confusing....

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Catwoman: Dark Knight Rise - Finish

And with the 30 Day Monster Gal Challenge is over - time to finish off Catwoman.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge: Celebrate Monster Gal Challenge! (Cherry Darling)

Made it with a few days to spare! Ending it with Cherry Darling from "Planet Terror". Surprised there isn't a comic book series about her further exploits...maybe there is - I lose track of such things....

Now to get back to doing all those things that I was suppose to do a month ago....laundry? yeah....laundry.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Gal and Her Spouse (the Monster and her Mate)

I saw this one on the list and knew I would have to do this as the Bride of Frankenstein. Not exactly a "happy" marriage...

30 Day Monster Challenge: Group of Monsters (Brides of Dracula)

FINALLY NEAR THE END! - yeah, this one is going to get me some weird attention....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge: Truly Gruesome Gal (Elvira)


Not really gruesome (although some of those puns were, if you ever caught the show).

30 Day Monster Challenge: Favorite Monster Gal Character (Wednesday Addams)

Favorite Monster Gal Character? See what I mean? WAY OPEN. Just seems like the list makers ran out of ideas....

I guess it means a character from fiction (although really, almost all the "monsters" are fictional).

Wednesday Addams seemed appropriate.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Favorite Monster Gal (Medusa)

The ending of the list is a bit open to interpretation....My favorite of late has been Medusa. I keep waiting for some one to do a more sympathetic take on her tale....but nothing as of yet.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge: Mulit-limbs (Shiva)

Tried to go for Shiva - not really sure. Had a hard time getting reliable info on her.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Yokai

Not really sure what a Yokai is - but here's my impression. Almost reaching the end....

30 Day Monster Challenge: Feline Girl (Josie)

Had a hard time thinking of anything really for "Feline Girl" - went for broke with Josie - of "Josie and the Pussycats".

30 Day Monster Challenge: Canine Girl (Poodle)

My gut feeling tells me that this one is going to end up on some weird sites....

30 Day Monster Challenge: Satyr

Meh - not as original as I had wanted....

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge: Dragon Gal (Dragon Lady in Armor)

This one got delayed cause the idea kept changing. At first I was trying to make an anamorphic dragon/reptile gal, which is probably what the challenge is really calling for. After several drafts - I just had to abandon that idea - it just wasn't working for me. A lot of the sketches were looking more and more like the "Dragon Lady" from Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates". I just ran with from there - and given my preference for armor - dragon scale mail I guess.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dr Sketchy's SF Catwoman Session

I nearly forgot that Dr. Sketchy's SF Chapter was having a session tonight - Catwoman. Given that I was already working on a Catwoman pic - I had to go. We had a great model named Jen. It was a packed house - and as such I end up sitting on the floor - which gave me some great sketches of Jen to use later. But it killed my leg - kept falling asleep. 

If there is every time - I hope to go over these sketches - not sure for what at the moment. 

Next session in Sept. - Toulouse Lautrec theme!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge: Alien (Trek Edition)

The topic just said "Alien" and I almost did the obvious H. R. Giger riff - but let's face it, that was "Species". Instead I ran though my head what other aliens were out there - and then it hit me - everyone's favorite - VULCAN!

30 Day Monster Challenge: Ghost

Starting to go out of order from the list - the other's, Dragon and Robot gals, are taking longer.

For Ghost Gal I was thinking of the Bride from the "Haunted Mansion" (I got a lot copies of Marc Davis' sketches for there), Corpse Bride - and the most terrifying story/play I've seen in a while, "the Woman in Black" (yeah, I liked the movies too).

30 Day Monster Challenge: Dullahan

I had no idea that headless horseman - actually had a name - Dullahan. I stuck to the time period of the headless horseman - the Enlightenment - so I used some images of Catherine the Great for reference. I've been doing a lot of horse sketches/studies (that I should post) - but damn, it could still be better....

30 Day Monster Challenge: Insect Gal (Butterfly Babe)

What? Butterflies count!

30 Day Monster Challenge: Succubus (Lilith)

Went with the basis of the "succubus" myth - Lilith, Adam's First Wife.

30 Day Monster Challeng: Zombie (Egyptian version)

I've used this "zombie/mummy" once before - and I wanted to re-visit the design again.

30 Day Monster Challenge: True Monster (Elizabeth Bathory)

At first I was a little confused as to what "True Monster" was on the list. In the end I went with Elizabeth Bathory - the 16th Century Countess in Hungry. I based the pic on the painting below - which is supposedly of her. Kinda reminds me of painting from "Ghostbuster 2" - or at least after a few days of starring at it, it creeps me out a bit. Despite several drafts - not quiet what I wanted. Maybe in the future I'll re-work it some more.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Demon (Bettie Page-ish)

Not that original - but it was an excuse to do another Bettie Page-ish design.

30 Day Monster Challenge: Octo-Maid

30 Day Monster Challenge: Plant Gal

Turned into more of a Poison Ivy pic than I intended...

30 Day Monster Challenge: Spider-Gal

30 Day Monster Challenge: Mermaid

Getting these finally scanned and posted here. This took a couple of drafts - and partly inspired by my on-line drawing friend Capt. Chant's ( hair.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catwoman - "Dark Knight Rises": WIP - Progression

I've never really posted a progression series on painting - and since I'm a little exhausted at the moment, it seemed the thing to do.

I always hate it when artist don't show you their layer order - I have most of the Background elements grouped together - my main paint layer for Selina Kyle/Catwoman and the Batpod - then floating elements on top (more snow with motion blur, the bat to still paint, etc).

And to be clear - I am not posting this to claim I know it "all on painting" - hell, I don't. Mostly I'm just burnt out at the moment and being "productive lazy". Thank you.