Sunday, February 26, 2012

So in Love with Lauren Faust and Brianne Drouhard's Batgirl...

Been sketching Brianne Drouhard ('s Batgirl design for Lauren Faust ('s new shorts "Super Best Friends Forever" (

I can't believe that it is only a series of shorts when it clearly should be a series....

Regardless - there WILL be more fan art. Some guys dig Wonder Woman or Power Girl - I'm all about red heads....

Red Sketchbook: Baby Doll and Wonder Woman...

Some more pages from Red Sketchbook - Baby Doll from "Sucker Punch" and Wonder Woman....

Hope to get more of the pages done soon....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feel the LOVE: Valentine Re-Cap...

Three day weekend for me - so I locked myself up to get work done.

Here's a request from Nicole Album ( after I had loving described my Valentine's Day Street Bum. Her carefully crafted image, fading Winnie the Pooh pajamas with a holiday polar bear, and the strong smell of cat urine - was the right way to start off the most romantic day ever! (....for other people)

Red Sketchbook: the Lost Legion and Faye Valentine

Starting to collect my various finished sketches from my Red Sketchbook. "The Lost Legion" refers to my old thesis project, which I still work on from time to time. As to why I drew Faye Valentine from "Cowboy BeBop", do I need a reason?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late Night with Catwoman: Chalk Brush Madness!!!

Totally NOT what I thought about doing this evening. But I got off BART and thought - "you know you've never drawn the Julie Newmar Catwoman....". And my co-worker Christine MacTernan ( earlier this week showed me the standard Chalk brush in Photoshop - which for whatever reason - I've always over looked.

Sat myself down and started drawing out Julie Newmar - although I think it turned out more like Tori Black's Catwoman (and if you know what I'm talking about - FOR SHAME!!!)

Red Sketchbook Post: Interior Opening Page....Daring Monkey Adventures

Oh what the heck - it's been a long week and posting stuff is making it easier to face the rest of the week.

Here's the interior pages of my "Red" sketchbook - mostly done with a Tuscan Red Col-Erase pencil (actually a bunch of them!). I like to let people have a good idea of what's ahead of them - Girls, Guns and Gruesome Violence. I like simple things in life.

Valentine Pin-Up Sketch (Painting to follow...if the Fates Allow...)

Out of fear that it would not get done (apparently totally validated) - I made sure I did a sketch for the Pin-Up Girl Challenge ( It's been a nice change to be sketching on paper again - instead of being held in the clutches of Madame Photoshop! - Although it would be nicer if my 12 to 16 hour days would shrink back down to 8....maybe in March.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romance in the 21st Century - Valentines 2012

....Nuts. Apparently working full time takes all the time out of my schedule.

Here's to "love" in the modern age. Curiosity of Mr. Cotton....

More Valentine's Day stuff to soon as my schedule allows it...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sketch Cards - Girls and a few Romans....The Year Begins

Ugh....So did get to post anything for January....that's bad. But apparently I had "work" to do. New Year, new job, and old sketches that are STILL not done. And since I now spend all day long at a computer, getting my awesome pasty iMac glow tan, I switched back to working on *gasp!* paper.

I know! I can't believe it either.

So here we go! Sketch cards of girls - and a few Roman Legionaries thrown.