Saturday, June 30, 2012

Animated Rocketeer Concepts: Projects I'd Kill To Be On....

Jennifer Connolly's white dress from the film is burned into my mind and I don't mind it one bit.
I've been digging around my hard drive again - looking for projects that I had to put on hold, or that I didn't have skill at the time to complete (but that's part of everything) - and dug up my "Rocketeer" concepts design ideas. Like every geek in animation/gaming - I had my own ideas for an animated "Rocketeer" show. While I would love to see it in glorious 2D - CGI could be cool if only for how badass the flying scenes could be. But really all I want is ANY series of the "Rocketeer" (provided it does NOT end up like "Crystal Skulls" - shudder - Damn it, fight Nazis!).