Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knight and Samurai: Really really ROUGH Cut

KnightSamurai Boards 004a-desktop from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

This is WAY from done - but I thought I'd post some progress on this. Still in progress but the last few weeks have been uncommonly busy. Missing a good junk in the middle that I'm still filling in.

Actor reference for the Templar.

Actor reference for the Templar.

Actor reference for the Samurai.

Actor reference for the Samurai.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cheerleader - Start of a Turnaround

Had a couple requests for her by friends in 3D. Starting poses for now.

Rough Story Reel for Origami Deathmatch

OrigamiDeathMatch 001a from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

I had these thumbnails for a while - and after a very exhausting week I wanted anything different. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Gesture Drawing and Wonder Woman...

WonderWoman ANM 002 from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

Some how it turned into a week of Wonder-Woman...which is not a bad thing. Last week I had Claudio and then Khadijah for my gesture drawing class....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wonder Woman Sequence Animation

WonderWoman ANM 003 from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

WonderWoman ANM 002 from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

WonderWoman ANM 001 from scotland barnes on Vimeo. I was intending to do this but I needed to make a quick example of a sequence for my gesture class. Funny enough I had a sequence that a model had done for me wearing an Wonder-Woman outfit. Here's about three passes at the keys in Photoshop.

Long Couple of Days - Wonder Woman Set For a Fight

It was one of those awful book keeping days. And it was preceded by a rough week and a short weekend...and there's still email to do....bleh.....

At the end of the day - just had to sketch out my frustration....

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Gesture Drawing with Kat

I lucked out today and got to work with Kat as my model in my gesture drawing class at the Academy. These were some of my demo drawings....
Warm up drawing...

Always a challenge to get students to draw laying down poses - even when in profile.

Trying to see larger overall shapes...

Here I was trying to prove the point that you can draw the model anyway you want. If it's a girl - you can draw her as a guy, and guys can be drawn as girls. What matters is what does the pose say to you?

Yeah - any chance to draw Kat as Aurora....

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Daring Monkey Origins...

DaringMonkeyOriginsA-desktop from scotland barnes on Vimeo.

Not really sure how this happen - the assignment was to do a story of Steve Bushemi, on an island with a key. What the story turned into was an origin story for my "Daring Monkey Adventures" characters of Maribelle and Scheckey.  It probably was due to my wish to see Steve Bushemi in a Peter Lorre-esque role....You just can't avoid somethings.....